No matter what he may be doing, Jeff will look up to the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. His ears will strain to hear signature sounds unique to each machine. Some he will know well. From the thumping bite of the leading rotor blade to the whistle of the turbine, the combined sounds of a helicopter in flight conjure up memories of his life spent flying as a Naval Aircrewman during the Vietnam War era.

Jeff began to write about his Navy adventures in the early 1990s. He realized that he simply had to write about what happened, and in some cases, what didn't.

He visited Vietnam as part of a veteran's group in 1997, which produced his journal Crossing the South China Sea. Jeff then began to formulate the concept which would become Steel Beach.

His writing impulse began as a young man. From hastily written love poems scribed on damp bar napkins to carefully crafted works in college poetry classes, Jeff used the written word to express himself.

Jeff strives to bring the unvarnished truth to Steel Beach, whether it be his triumphs or his failures. This is the only way his words will ring true.

Today Jeff resides in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley, where he writes, makes violins, and enjoys the outdoors.

Jeff is a member of:
Vietnam Veterans of America
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association
Disabled American Veterans

Professional associations:
American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers Inc.
Violin Society of America